Karachi lawyers demand lodge FIRS against Bahria Town administration

KARACHI: The Karachi Bar Association (KBA) strongly condemned the illegal occupation of the land of indigenous people of Karachi, in the name of Bahria Town and demanded registration of cases against the accused who attack on the villages.

KBA noted that despite protests across the Sindh, the Bahria Town administration continuing the harassing and torturing the local people.

The statement released here on Monday, said the Bahria Town was not only illegally occupying the land but also damaging the housing and fields of people living there and has made their lives hell.

The Karachi lawyers’ representative body regretted that this all was being done under the nose of Fed and provincial governments, as officers were silent in this matter.

KBA strongly demanded of the fed and provincial governments to take necessary legal action against the land grabber mafia that such kind of incident may not happen again and FIRs should be lodged against those who are involved in the attacks on villages.