Karachi lawyers for criminal case against Israel in International Court of Justice

KARACHI (May 17, 2021): Karachi Bar Association (KBA) here on Monday held a General Body meeting in New Bar Room to condemn Israeli state-sponsored terrorism on innocent civilian population of Palestine and demanded of the world community to take serious steps to stop this insane massacre of Palestinians.

Senior lawyers and office-bearers of the KBA including Naeem Qureshi, Amir Nawaz Warraich and Shazia Mughal spoke on the occasion and strongly condemned the Israeli atrocities.

On the occasion, Ex-Member of Pakistan Bar Council Zia Awan said that we must think of practical steps to save the Palestinian civilian population from the war crimes of Israel. He suggested that a delegation of Pakistan Bar Council, Supreme Court Bar Association, High Court Bar Associations of the country including Bar Associations of Lahore and Rawalpindi should meet with the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister and urge them to file a case against Israel for war crimes in the ICJ. He asked the Pakistan Bar Council and the bar associations of the country to arrange walks to the UNO offices in Pakistan and hand them memorandums demanding to end the war crimes in Palestine.

He stressed that the government of Pakistan should go to the International Court of Justice against the war crimes of Israel on innocent civilian population as only states can knock the door of ICJ. He recalled that in past dictatorial governments would use teargas against peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators and international human rights organizations had urged the teargas supplying countries to stop the supply of teargas to the dictatorial regimes. He said as Israel is committing grave war crimes, no country should supply it weapons and other support.

He said a lot of protest demonstrations are being held in whole world including the UK and the USA. He said in London a big demo was held where the protestors demanded of their government to stop supply of weapons and other support to Israel.

Other speakers demanded to boycott the products of Israel and the countries that support Israel.