Karachi: Alarming increase in corona rate, reaches15%

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KARACHI Jan 09,2022- Alarming increase in corona rate has been recorded in the largest city of Pakistan as it reached more than 15%.

According to the officials of the Federal Ministry of Health, the coronavirus test positive rate in Karachi has increased to more than 15%.

Officials said that 5,168 corona viruses were tested in provincial capital of Sindh yesterday, which resulted in a further 780 corona cases.

According to the Sindh Health Department, the rate of Omicron variant in Karachi has risen to more than 87%.

Next generation sequencing of 24 samples was done yesterday, out of which 21 samples were found to be Omicron variant.

 The highest number of cases of Coronavirus is being reported in District East of Karachi, followed by the District South.

Burden on hospitals to start from next week, Qasim Soomro

According to Parliamentary Secretary Health Sindh and MPA Qasim Soomro, if the rate of coronavirus continues to rise, strict measures will have to be taken.

He also said that it is feared that the burden on hospitals will start from next week.

Qasim Soomro also said that corona is spreading rapidly due to marriages and other gatherings, where SOPs are being violated.

It should be noted that the number of coronavirus patients in Sindh has increased to 4,86,740 more than other provinces, while the total death toll has risen to 7,681.

First Omi Cron case reported in Pakistan

On the other hand, 28,969 corona virus patients have died in Pakistan so far while the total number of patients with this deadly virus has reached 1.34 million.

Yet no decision for lockdown

Sindh government spokesman, Murtaza Wahab has said that no decision has been taken yet for lockdown in the province.

In Punjab, the number of cases of Omicron virus has increased to 295.

Surge in Punjab

The Punjab Health Department said that Omicron has been confirmed in 17 more people in the province.