Jhudo taluka still under water


Jhudo taluka still under water

Machinery sent to drain water standing in Mirpurkhas

MIRPURKHAS, Sep 28,2022-  Jhudo taluka of Mirpurkhas district , the flood situation still persists, many areas.

Hundreds of villages in four UCs of the Jhudo taluka, Roshanabad, Bakar, Mir Khudabakhsh-II and Mir Allah Bachayo Talpar are still under water. In many areas of the  city including Shedi Paro, Hashim Colony, Aslam Town and other areas are still like sea due to standing water.

The water level of the Puran Dhoro has not lowered as water is not being drained from the urban areas and villages. This is rendering thousands of victims living under the open sky who have become homeless and stuck on the roads.

3 drowned in flood water, 2 dies in lightning strikes

Officials did not reach to give relief to the victims, the affected families are facing starvation while the administration remains a silent spectator.

On the other hand, the heavy machinery sent by PDMA to drain the water from the flooded areas has been standing in the office of DC Mirpurkhas for the last 11 days.

According to the information received, 12 heavy machines were sent for water drainage, of which 10 machines have been lying in the Mirpurkhas DC office and were not sent to the affected areas.

The expenses of the machinery and operator are being borne by the district administration on a daily basis, the machinery is not being used for work due to which the people of the flooded areas are very worried.

The affected people are demanding from the government that water should be drained from the areas as soon as possible and action should be taken against the incompetent management to save them from suffering.