February 28, 2024

Japan: Most wanted fugitive convict reveals on his deathbed

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Japan: Most wanted fugitive convict reveals on his deathbed

A man on his deathbed in Japan made headlines when he made sobering revelations four days before his death.

According to foreign media reports, four days before his death in hospital, a Japanese man revealed to the police that he was a most wanted fugitive criminal.

Foreign media reported that the man, who was on his deathbed at the hospital, said he had been on the run for nearly 50 years because of his involvement in a radical group and bombings in the 1970s.

According to the Japanese police, the fugitive suspect died yesterday, the fugitive suspect himself reported to the police that he was in his hospital.

The police have told the media that the most wanted fugitive accused in his statement told the police that he has terminal cancer and wants to die using his real name, Satoshi Kirishima, instead of his popular name, alias.

Before his death, the wanted criminal had already provided details to the police about more bomb blasts in the near future.

According to media reports, the man died yesterday after four days of questioning, while the police have not yet confirmed his identity.