February 28, 2024

Husband does not bathe for many days, Turkish woman sues in court

A Turkish woman recently filed a lawsuit against her husband in court, saying that her husband has not showered for several days.

According to the woman, due to infrequent bathing, sweat smells around him, while he also cleans his teeth only once or twice a week.

Turkish media have revealed the woman’s identity only as AY. This woman has applied for divorce from her husband CY and the reason for this is that the husband is not clean.

According to the woman’s lawyer in the application filed in the Family Court of Ankara, the above-mentioned person wears the same clothes for five days.

Witnesses in the case, including acquaintances of the two and people who worked with the husband, also corroborated the woman’s claim.

The court granted the woman’s request for divorce and ordered her ex-husband to pay 500,000 Turkish Liras ($16,500) as compensation to the woman for not maintaining personal hygiene. ( Monitoring Desk)