Jailed individual aims to harm Pakistan: Sharjeel Memon

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 Jailed individual aims to harm Pakistan: Sharjeel Memon

Karachi – Sindh Senior Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has accused a jailed individual of attempting to harm Pakistan, stating that this person is engaging in various activities to defame the country’s institutions.

In a press conference held in Karachi, Memon claimed that the incarcerated person is not only giving interviews and distributing party tickets but also orchestrating political activities from behind bars. “Interviews of the person sitting in jail are ongoing, and articles are being published,” Memon remarked.

He further alleged that this individual is forming a government while incarcerated and is involved in spreading misinformation through manipulated videos to tarnish the reputation of Pakistan’s institutions.

Memon specifically targeted the founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), accusing him of conspiring against Pakistan. “The founder of PTI’s fight is only with Pakistan. A heinous conspiracy was hatched against Pakistan yesterday. He posted a video on social media calling Sheikh Mujib a hero,” Memon said.

Referring to the 1971 tragedy that led to the division of Pakistan, Memon criticized the PTI founder for exploiting the event for political gain. “This person is also doing politics on it, threatening the police, judges, and institutions,” he added.

He questioned why the individual did not take such actions while in power, suggesting that there is now celebration in India due to the founder’s divisive actions. “The founder of PTI is dividing the army and the country,” Memon asserted.

Memon also mentioned allegations that the individual received funding from Indian sources, implying that numerous cases remain unfiled against him. “Indians are telling how many Indians used to fund him. This person forgave billions of rupees,” Memon concluded.

The minister’s remarks highlight the ongoing political tensions and the accusations of conspiracy and corruption within Pakistan’s political landscape.