Imran Khan offers to work with Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ? the kingdom's strongman known as MbS attends the virtual G20 Summit on Saturday Nov 21, 2020. (Photo by EyePress News / EyePress via AFP)

ISLAMABAD: Appreciating the Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative, Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote a letter to Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

The Prime Minister in the letter expressed happiness over Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative and praised the Green Middle East Initiative.

Imran Khan said that he was happy to hear that 10 billion trees would be planted in Saudi Arabia and 50 billion in the Middle East under the project.

“We support the Saudi government’s green plan and want to work with it,” the prime minister said in the letter

He told the crown prince that his vision was in line with our own ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’ initiative.

 The Prime Minister said that after planting one billion trees, work is underway on our 10 billion tree tsunami, 15 percent will be planted on land and 10 percent at sea level.

In the letter, Imran Khan vowed to plant 10 billion trees by 2023, which would boost eco-tourism and create jobs.

 He said that by 2030, 60% of energy is being shifted to clean energy, increasing the capacity to generate electricity from solar, wind and water.