Hyderabadi boy Ali Khan become No: 1 Tik Toker of Pakistan

Ali Khan Hyderabadi and Jannat Mirza

Pakistan’s leading Tik Tok star Ali Khan Hyderabadi succeeded to make a name on the short video sharing app Tik Tok.

The number of followers on the Tik Tok account of star Ali Khan Hyderabadi from Hyderabad city of Sindh has reached 11 million.

Ali Khan Hyderabadi has become the second Tik Toker in the list of Pakistani boys after the increase in Tik Tok followers with 11 million followers.

Prior to Ali Khan Hyderabadi, the award was held by Zulqarnain Sikandar, from Lahore.

How Ali Khan Hyderabadi earned fame?

Ali Khan Hyderabadi became popular on the short video sharing app Tik Tok in a very short time due to his unique style.

When his first Tick Tok video went viral, people not only liked his walking style but also Tick Tok users started copying Ali Khan Hyderabadi.

If you take a look at Ali Khan Hyderabadi’s Tik Tok account, he has uploaded several videos so far which have received millions of likes.

Earlier, Ali Khan Hyderabadi had said in a morning show on a TV channel that he wanted to try his luck in dramas and films in the future as he has been interested in becoming an actor since childhood.

Ali Khan Hyderabadi had said that he used to work in a shoe shop but after the popularity of Tik Tak, more fans started coming to the shop than the customers, therefore he quit his job and spent all his time Tik Tok videos. Later, it also became his source of income.

Hoor Maha veera

Hoor Mahaveera became the fourth Pakistani Tik Tok star to have 10 million followers on the video sharing application Tik Tok in the list of Pakistani girls.

Alishiba sister of Jannat Mirza

Pakistan’s number one tick talk star Janat Mirza has won the hearts of more than 14 million fans.

Janat Mirza’s younger sister Alishba Anjum also got 10 million followers on Tik Tok.