Hollywood actress says, I should have lost weight a long time ago

Hollywood actress Rebel wilson

Actress Rebel wilson says, I should have lost weight a long time ago

Australian-born Hollywood actress and comedian Rebel Wilson lamented that she should have lost weight by the age of 30 instead of 40.

“Now that I know I can, I often regret why I haven’t lost weight before,” said Rebel Wilson during a conversation.

“Everyone’s journey is different and it’s not a race or a competition, I’ve benefited from losing weight,” she said. “I try not to compare myself to other people, but I do.” I sympathize with those who have problems with weight because I myself have been a victim of this problem. He added that I have access to modern treatment facilities.

But in the meantime, I learned that the little things I do every day make a difference, like a walk that is absolutely free. To encourage people trying to lose weight, he said, Can walk and drink more water. It’s not too late to start, no matter what age you are.

It may be noted that Rebel Wilson had lost 18 kg in 8 months last year.

It all happens with age. We control our diet, try to stay active but when we reach a certain age we can’t control our weight and we get frustrated that we have gained weight.

In today’s world, it is important to understand how obesity, which is spreading like an epidemic, is causing more health complications.