Google Meet introduces more features for hand-raising animation

Google meet

Google Meet introduces more features for hand-raising animation - photo Google

Google Meet, Google’s video calling services, is getting a collection of helpful tweaks to its hand-raising feature. The new changes include a new hand-raising animation, notification sound, and adjustments to how hosts are made aware of raised hands.

The Verge reported, “While the update is minor, for anyone who uses Google Meet in a large group setting or regularly attends webinars, the tweaks will be helpful — plus, the new animation really is nice.”

According to The Verge Google Meet changes are:

  • An updated and improved visual icon and animation on the video tile
  • The tiles of people with raised hands may be moved to be more visible in the video grid
  • An audio notification for all participants when the first raised hand is raised
  • A clickable notification which shows the number of raised hands and which links to an ordered queue of all participants with raised hands
  • That a participant’s hand will be automatically lowered after they speak

The new feature will be available for any meeting created by hosts.