Gaza: Ceasefire and Prisoner Exchange Delayed Amidst Escalating Tension 

Gaza 2023

Gaza: Ceasefire and Prisoner Exchange Delayed Amidst Escalating Tension 

KARACHI, 24,2023: Monitoring Desk): Despite the scheduled ceasefire and prisoner exchange agreement between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, its implementation faced obstacles on Thursday due to reported Zionist resistance. However, both parties have now committed to executing the agreements starting today.

Before the ceasefire, Israel intensified its attacks, resulting in the destruction of numerous buildings, including hospitals and UN refugee camps.

The toll rose significantly, with another 350 casualties, bringing the total number of martyrs to 14,854, including 6,150 children and 4,000 women.

The Israeli army, confirming the bombing of 300 locations in Gaza, has declared its intention to maintain a presence in the region.

In response, the military wing of Hamas, the al-Qassam Brigades, vowed to continue resisting Israeli aggression.

Notably, Israeli airstrikes extended beyond Gaza into Lebanon, prompting Hezbollah to retaliate with over 50 rockets targeting Israeli installations. Tragically, in the occupied West Bank, a 12-year-old boy lost his life when shot in the chest by the Israeli army.

Since October 7, a disturbing number of Palestinians, including children, have been martyred in the occupied West Bank.

Adding to the tensions, the Israeli army arrested Muhammad Abu Selmia, the director of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza, drawing strong condemnation from Hamas.

The situation remains highly volatile as both sides navigate the complexities of the conflict, with international concerns escalating over the humanitarian impact and the need for a durable resolution to the longstanding crisis.