Foreign funding case decision expected within week

Election commission of Pakistan

Election Commission extends date for submission of nomination papers

ISLAMABAD, Aug 1, 2022- The decision of prohibited foreign funding case against PTI, will be heard within the first week of August, sources said.

The case was under hearing in the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for more than eight years and its decision was reserved by the Election Commission of Pakistan a few weeks ago.

Media reported quoting reliable sources, that the person who files a judicial reference against the Chief Election Commissioner will sustain irreparable loss because during the hearing of this reference, such matters which have remained hidden till now will be exposed.

The Election Commission is a constitutional body and will continue to follow the constitutional path. The Commission has not come under any blackmailing pressure and will not come under pressure, ECP sources said. There is no political party of the Election Commission neither favorite nor non-favourite.

Millions of dollars continually sent to a political party and which has been confirmed by the State Bank of Pakistan and a detailed news was published in the Financial Times was an eye-opener regarding foreign funding case, as huge amounts of money continue to be transferred in the name of charity.

A leading Urdu daily reported that a huge amount from a minister of a friendly Gulf country was also reportedly received.