Flood water enters Naseerabad town

Flood water

Flood water enters Naseerabad town

The water that drowned Gaji Khawar town has entered Naseerabad town, while the citizens are still trapped in the water inside Gaji Khuhawar town, the rescue team has not arrived.

Despite the passage of 24 hours, no rescue team could reach.

The flood water has crossed the Meher road and entered the Naseerabad area, the administration did not take any steps.

Residents say that the rising water level has now posed a threat to Naseerabad town of Larkana district.

The water flooding the Warha and Gaji Gaji Khuhawar entered the boundaries of Naseerabad, the fast flowing water has engulfed many small and big villages of Naseerabad.

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The district administration has not taken any measures to shift the residents to safe places, the residents of Naseerabad, Gaji Khuhawar and other cities that have already been affected by the rains are in fear.