Electricity rates to go up from July

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Government decides to reduce price of electricity

ISLAMABAD, June 1,2022- After an increase of up to Rs 30 on petroleum products, now it is the turn of electricity. Preparations have been made to increase electricity rates in July.

NEPRA today approved an increase in the price of electricity by Rs 3.99 per unit for April in terms of fuel charges adjustment.

This will apply to all DISCOs subscribers for one month, with the exception of Lifeline consumers and K Electric consumers.

Earlier, it was feared that the price of electricity would go up by Rs 8 per unit from July 1.

NEPRA’s decision on the applications of ten electricity distribution companies is likely to come this week.

PM Khan reduces prices of petrol and electricity 

K-Electric increases electricity tariff by Rs3.75 per unit

A few days ago, NEPRA had increased the price of electricity for Karachi residents by Rs4.83 per unit. This will only apply to June bills. Lifeline users will be exempt.

Power crisis hits country

The power crisis continues in the country, unannounced load shedding of 12 to 15 hours is being carried out in different areas.

According to NTDC sources, the demand for electricity in the country has reached 27,700 MW while the supply is 21,000 MW.

NTDC sources said that the power shortfall in the country is 6,700 MW, while the duration of load shedding is longer in areas with high line losses.

NEPRA to consider another increase of Rs 4.75 in electricity price