Defense line of Dadu breaches, over 30 villagers submerged

floods in Dadu

Defense line of Dadu breaches, over 30 villagers submerged

After breach into the ring embankment given to Dadu which is considered defense line of Dadu, near Johi – Bhan Syedabad Road, the rapid flow of water has entered the Phakka area after submerging more than 30 villages.

The rescue operation has not been started yet.

The affected families who were sitting on the roads and roadblocks did not find any relief.

An FIR was filed at Khudaabad police station against those who cut the Johi-Bhan link road. When the patrolling personnel arrived, they were attacked and injured and the personnel’s weapons were also snatched.

To save Dadu, construction of ring embankment near the bypass is in progress.

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DC Dadu has instructed to transfer 200 prisoners from district Jail to the Central Jail.

After a 20 feet cut made to LS dyke near Talti, the flood water has started flowing into Indus river.

Manchhar Lake water flooded the Syedabad town grid station, where 5 feet of water is standing.  Therefore 8 feeders have been closed. Electricity supply to the town has been suspended.

Technical team of the Pakistan Army is trying to protect machinery and other equipment kept in the grid station.

Flood water entered the tent settlement of flood victims set up on the Indus Highway near Sewhan forcing them to again migrate to safer place.