Indus flow increasing at Kotri

kotri barrage

Indus flow increasing at Kotri

HYDERABAD, 11,2022- The flow of Indus is increasing at Kotri barrage, the upstream flow at Kotri barrage has recorded 6,26053 cusecs and the downstream flow has recorded 6,18000 cusecs.

The water level at Dadu-Moro bridge has reduced to 129 feet, the water in the Kotri barrage canal has been increased to 26053 cusecs.

Water flow 1,85000 and 1,65000 cusecs respectively have been recorded at Guddu Barrage at Sukkur barrage.

Residential schemes in flood zone in Hyderabad

Latifabad Unit No. 10 and a large area of ​​land near Village Malh and Village Giddu Bandar near Kohsar falls in the Indus river and the said land has been a piece of gold for the builder mafia for a long time.

Flood Zone of Indus River in Latifabad Hyderabad has been taken over by mafia, the work on raw land for residential schemes has sped up. The builders are fully prepared to demolish the historical heritage by adding mud.

The Commissioner of Hyderabad, Deputy Commissioner and other relevant authorities have kept a criminal silence. In Hyderabad district, the groups of encroachers have raised their claws and to occupy government properties has become a habit.

Soil is being dumped by heavy dumpers on the raw land of the Indus River in the flood zone by the builder mafia.

Various political and social organizations have repeatedly protested against this illegal act.

In April last, Commissioner Hyderabad Nadeer Rehman Memon has ordered to stop construction of seven residential schemes located in the flood zone of the Indus River in Tehsil Latifabad that included Al Madinah City, Al Rahim City, Kohsar Green, Ghousia Town, Kohsar Haven, Sahib Housing and Green Town City.

The Irrigation officers have been directed to inspect the status, NOC, land allotment and other records of these schemes and submit a report.