Pakistan will go bankrupt if the Imran Khan completes 5-year term, Bilawal Bhutto says

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ISLAMABAD (May 20, 2021): The Chairman Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has said that the puppet Prime Minister Imran Khan has spent his time in office touring the world, begging bowl in hand to get alms for Pakistan. The myopic and short sighted policies of the PM had brought Pakistan on the verge of detestation, he added.

“Pakistan has been reduced to a country surviving on the kindness of friendly nations. Never before has our country been so dependent on aid and loans. It is a travesty that we have gone from a country that demanded ‘trade not aid’ under President Asif Ali Zardari, to a country that is constantly begging from Peter to pay Paul under this incompetent regime.”

Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari added that the selected PM and his aides would soon follow in the footsteps of Pervez Musharraf and flee from the country, settling abroad with their ill-gotten gains.

“There is a very clear and present danger that the country will go bankrupt if the selected PM completes his five-year term. The damage being done to the country is so severe that it may take years for the following governments to undo it.”

The selected PM had misguided the youth with his fraudulent and deceptive slogans of change. The only thing he had succeeded in however was to insult and denigrate the aspirations and dreams of the youth, he added. “Even today, the puppet Prime Minister is lying to the people when he says he inherited the economic crisis. The fact is that his incompetence has driven the country’s economy to the brink of devastation.” The people though have realised that he is an imposter, imposed on the country through a rigged election. The Prime Minister may pretend he can hide behind the COVID-19 pandemic, but even that can’t explain away why Pakistan’s economy is faring much worse than its neighbours, he added.

“Imran Khan will go down as the most untrustworthy Prime Minister in the eyes of the masses. He may have hoodwinked the youth, but they too see through his hollow slogans of change.”

The Chairman PPP went on to say that the thugs and mafias in the PTI-led federal government couldn’t enter their electoral constituencies fearing the wrath of their constituents.

“Crippling inflation, unemployment, and poverty have left  the people of Pakistan vulnerable. The very foundation of Pakistan is buckling under the weight of the sheer incompetence that personifies PTI and not a single department has been spared the administrative, financial, and political fallout from the inept handling of the multitude of crises brought on by the PTI government”.