Constitution Day passed unsung

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Ruling party as well as opposition did not hold any programme

ISLAMABAD: April 10 was constitution Day as 1973 constitution was enacted this day. Interestingly, 18th Amendment in the constitutional was also passed by the parliament on this date in 2012.

No political party or group neither from ruling party nor from opposition held any programme or ceremony to mark this historic day.

Even two major parties- PPP and PML-N who are considered in struggle for democracy in the country. PML-N stands with slogan “Vote ko izat Do’” and PPP with “supremacy of parliament” along with provincial autonomy which is guaranteed in the constitution after 18th Amendment.

The opposition alliance PDM is also protesting against incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan demanding supremacy of civilian power.

The ruling party Pakistan Tehreek Insaf came in power through elections, did not observe the constitution day. National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser issued a statement on Saturday.

Later the PPP supremo Asif Ali Zardari also issued a statement to mark the day of 18th Amendment.

Asif Ali Zardari

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and former president Asif Zardari has said expressed “conspiracies” against the 18th Amendment granting provincial autonomy were still being hatched and warned that “those hatching conspiracies against the amendment are actually playing with the country’s solidarity”.

In a statement on the occasion of the Constitution Day observed in the country on Saturday to mark the approval of the 1973 Constitution by parliament on this day in 1973 Mr Zardari, in his message, claimed that the “conspiracies” against the 18th Amendment granting provincial autonomy were still being hatched in the country.

PPP leader, however, expressed the hope that all the democratic forces in the country would defend the 18th Amendment and would not allow these conspiracies to succeed.

Mr Zardari said the 1973 Constitution guaranteed religious freedom, besides freedom of expression and human rights.

He said in the past the dictators had defaced the constitution in an effort to prolong their “immoral rule” but it was brought to its original form by the elected parliament through the 18th Constitution Amendment.

Speaker National Assembly

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has said, on Saturday, that the country’s constitution provides every citizen the equal right of protection.

The Speaker National Assembly said it is also the responsibility of the current political leadership to implement the Constitution and ensure that all the federating units are given the powers enshrined in the Constitution.