Car drowned in Malir river found, 7 occupants missing

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Car drowned in Malir river found, 7 occupants missing

KARACHI, Aug 18,2022- A car was found floating in Malir river on Thursday morning, however, seven people on board were not found.

A car swept away in the floodwaters of the Malir River on the M-9 Link Road in Karachi was found by the divers.

Seven people in the car have not been found as yet.

According to the relatives, there were seven people including the driver and four children in the car.

After last night’s rain, the flood water of Malir river came on the M-9 Link Road.

While crossing the flood water, the vehicle drifted into the flood barrier and fell into the river.

According to rescue sources, the search for the fallen vehicle was started late at night, but the search was stopped due to darkness.

This morning, after the light, the Edhi volunteers resumed the search for the vehicle, and the vehicle was found in the river, at 2 to 3 km from Link Road.

According to the rescue sources, there is no body in the vehicle, but the search for the occupants of the vehicle is going on.

According to Edhi sources, the family in the vehicle belongs to Hyderabad.

In addition to the driver, the husband and wife and their four children were in the car. The affected family members were going from Karachi to Hyderabad