Bilawal challenges Imran Khan to resign

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Opposition has complete numbers for no-confidence motion, says Bilawal  

HYDERABAD, Feb 28,2022- Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has challenged Imran Khan to announce his resignation and dissolve the national assembly in his address to the nation today so that fresh elections can be held.

Chairman PPP said that there is no comparison between President Zardari and Imran Khan. There are numerous achievements of President Zardari such as restoring the 1973 constitution, 18th amendment in the constitution, giving rights to the provinces, giving identity to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, Gwadar port, CPEC, BISP etc. On the other hand, Imran has robbed people of their rights, the pockets of the poor people and has stolen gas, sugar, essential commodities from the people of Pakistan. He has changed the name of BISP and thinks that it is his programme. Now, the time has come to send this selected and puppet Imran Khan packing.

PM Khan reduces prices of petrol and electricity 

Slash in prices is first achievement of long march: Bilawal Hosue

Chairman PPP said this while addressing a mammoth, charged crowd in Hyderabad on the second day of Awami long march. He said that the people of Hyderabad have always supported the PPP and he has come to ask for the same support to dislodge this puppet, selected and incompetent Imran Khan. The PPP has always fought for the rights of the poor people, students, labourers, and growers. The Sindh government had set the minimum wage at 25 thousand rupees per month. That was challenged in the court but we assure the labourers that the minimum wages will be set higher than 25 thousand rupees. We have to send this puppet home so that we can make pro-people and pro-poor policies.

Chairman Bilawal said that this puppet has sent a few of his jesters to Sindh for a march in the name of Sindh’s rights. The rights of Sindh have been usurped by none other than this puppet and selected. This selected Imran Khan has usurped the rights of all provinces, he robbed water, gas, constitutional rights and the NFC award from provinces. This drama will not continue now. Imran Khan is a coward who does not tolerate any criticism. He has imposed an ordinance to protect himself and his wife from criticism. He arrested a journalist, Mohsin Baig and tortured him just because he said something about Imran Khan’s friend. Now, the time has come to hold Imran Khan responsible for all the injustices he has committed. Imran Khan will have to go as the Jiyalas are coming to Islamabad. This long march is a campaign for the no-confidence motion. The time has come for this no-confidence against Imran Khan and his government.