Slash in prices is first achievement of long march: Bilawal Hosue

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Slash in prices is first achievement of long march: Bilawal Hosue

KARACHI, Feb 28, 2022- A spokesperson of Bilawal House Karachi has said that the announcement of slash in petrol and electricity prices by the selected government is the first achievement of the people’s march led by Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

According to a statement issued by Media Cell Bilawal House, the spokesperson of Bilawal House in his response to Imran Khan’s speech said that the people’s march led by PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has forced the elected Prime Minister to bow down and now he Has come down to offering explanations.

PM Khan reduces prices of petrol and electricity

He further said that due to the pressure of the people’s march, Khan was forced to reduce petrol and electricity prices.

Spokesman Bilawal House said that Imran Khan’s speech was a bundle of fake news, through which he has broken the record of his previous speeches full of lies. He said that Khan’s speech was the last address to the nation, because he also understands that his days are numbered. He further said that during the entire speech, Khan Sahib’s body language was that of a tired loser, who is now ready to return to the pavilion.

For the youth, day laborers, working class, small traders and farmers even today Khan Sahib has nothing but false promises. He said that the announcements made in Khan’s speech were not different from the package of Rs. 1100 billion for Karachi.