Bid fails to pass controversial legislation unilaterally

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ISLAMABAD Nov 13,2021

In changing scenario, the government’s unilateral legislative agenda has failed miserably. No controversial bill, including amendments to the NAB Law and Elections Act, has been passed by Parliament.

Non-cooperation from allies

Leading Urdu daily Jang reports that according to details, the government’s priority legislation agenda, which the government wanted to implement without consulting the opposition, has suffered a setback and will not be met in the near future due to changing circumstances, especially non-cooperation from allies.

The NAB Act and the Elections Act, which required the Election Commission of Pakistan to use electronic voting machines and was enacted by a presidential ordinance, do not appear to have been approved by Parliament.

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Similarly, a special ordinance to remove Ishaq Dar from the post of Senator is not expected to become law.

For the last three years, the government has not faced any problem in passing the proposed law due to its numerical superiority in the National Assembly. However, in the current situation, it seems that it has not been easy.

Bypassing the Senate

The government has always faced obstacles in the Senate and many of its bills have been rejected.

The government had also worked out a way to bypass the Senate and pass all the controversial bills in a joint sitting of Parliament. But if you look at the recent joint sitting of Parliament being delayed, this route is almost closed. The situation is such that the ruling coalition now has to seriously consider joining the opposition for legislation.