Banned TTP’s announcement to end ceasefire

TTP ceasefire

Banned TTP's announcement to end ceasefire

KARACHI, Sep 4,2022- The outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has announced to end the ‘ceasefire’ in the absence of progress in negotiations with Pakistan.

Pakistani media quoted a statement issued by TTP spokesperson Muhammad Khorasani, in which it has been accused that the ceasefire agreement is being terminated due to the lack of purposeful negotiations on the part of Pakistan, including the release of prisoners, lack of effective communication between the parties, including military operations.

Factors included, TTP spokesperson said that some of their prisoners were released but they were re-arrested in violation of the agreement.

According to TTP Chief Mufti Noor Wali in the published statement, he has never denied purposeful negotiations, which are part of Sharia principles, however, if there is any progress in this regard, he will continue his struggle, however, in the case of successful negotiations.

The future course will be decided.

It should be noted that the negotiations between the two sides, which started in October at the request of the Afghan government, have yet to find a political solution.

There are other important issues between the TTP and the government of Pakistan, including the restoration of FATA to its previous status and the release of prisoners. The negotiations are deadlocked.