Baloch Solidarity Committee marchers faces police resistance, 7 arrested

Baloch marchers

Baloch Solidarity Committee

Dera Ghazi Khan, Dec 18,2023: : Amid the Baloch Solidarity Committee’s march from Turbat to Islamabad, seven individuals who were enroute to participate in the demonstration have been arrested in Dera Ghazi Khan.

Police sources indicate that the arrests were made on grounds of violating Section 144, a measure often implemented to maintain public order and prevent gatherings that may lead to unrest.

Tensions escalated between the police and the marchers at Gadai, resulting in a confrontation that led to the dispersal of the crowd. The march, organized by the Baloch Solidarity Committee, seeks to protest the alleged encounter between the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and a young man in Turbat, which resulted in the man’s death.

Despite the arrests and confrontations, the Baloch Solidarity Committee’s march against the reported encounter continues, as participants make their way towards Islamabad. The demonstration aims to draw attention to the circumstances surrounding the young man’s death and calls for justice. The situation remains fluid, and further updates on the march and any additional developments are awaited.