Pakistan Bar, Supreme Court Bar express no confidence in Chief Election Commissioner

Sikandar sultan Chief Election commissioer

Pakistan Bar, Supreme Court Bar express no confidence in Chief Election Commissioner

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19,2023:  The Pakistan Bar Council and the Supreme Court Bar Association have  expressed their lack of confidence and raised objections to Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja. In separate statements issued by the legal bodies, concerns were raised regarding the transparency and fairness of elections under his supervision.

The Pakistan Bar Council emphasized that transparent and fair elections are seemingly impossible under the current Chief Election Commissioner.

The statement cited specific instances of concern, including the allocation of one National Assembly seat in Hafizabad with a population of 1.3 million, an observed imbalance of seats in Rawalpindi district, and the addition of an extra seat in Gujranwala against population ratios.

The declaration further highlighted serious doubts about the integrity of general elections due to the conduct of the Chief Election Commissioner. Issues surrounding constituencies, the electoral process, and seat distribution were pointed out as areas of concern.

Expressing their unease over the constituencies, the Pakistan Bar Council called for transparent processes in the upcoming elections scheduled for February 8, 2024.

They stressed the need for a level playing field for all political parties and independent candidates and urged the courts to address discrepancies rather than validating every action of the Election Commission.

Simultaneously, the Supreme Court Bar Association echoed similar concerns, stating that transparent elections are unattainable under the current Chief Election Commissioner’s supervision.

The Association called for the Chief Election Commissioner to step down, citing questions about the transparency of the upcoming elections.

The Supreme Court Bar emphasized that while the elections should proceed as scheduled on February 8, it is crucial to ensure equal opportunities for all stakeholders. The Association expressed concern about potential damage to the country if the issues surrounding the Chief Election Commissioner’s oversight are not addressed promptly.