Atiqa Odho says PM Imran Khan needs to consider

Atiqa Odho, a senior actress in the Pakistan showbiz industry, has suggested to Prime Minister Imran Khan to consider canceling the exams in view of the rising cases of corona virus.

In a message posted on the microblogging site Twitter, Atiqa Odho said, “When students return home from the crowded exam room, they will not only be at risk of contracting the corona virus, but they will also take the epidemic home.”

 “It will affect not only the students but also their families,” said Atiqa Odho.

Addressing the Prime Minister, the actress said, “Imran Khan needs to consider this and keep everyone safe.”

Earlier, actor Agha Ali demanded in his social media message to cancel the exams and promote the students.

Agha Ali had raised his voice in favor of the students and said, “Please! Cancel exams and promote students based on their previous record.

The actor had said that “at the moment the whole country is under pressure due to corona virus and in such a situation it is not right to give mental stress to the students due to exams.”