Pakistani celebrities remember Sattar Edhi

KARACHI: The Edhi Foundation’s offer of help in dealing with the Corona crisis in India has won appreciation from celebrities.

Farah Sadia, considered a successful host of PTV, believes that Edhi was the genuine recipient of the Nobel Prize.

He shared a letter written by the Edhi Foundation to Modi to help India.

Farah Sadia said that Edhi Sahib used to say that my religion is humanity, and religious circles used to criticize him for this.

Faisal Edhi offers 50 ambulances and services to India to manage the country’s coronavirus situation

Recalling Edhi’s interview, she said, “In the interview with me, he made it clear that he only saves human beings. He does not care about his religion, province or language.”

Samina Pirzada, a senior actress and host of Pakistan showbiz industry, remembers Abdul Sattar Edhi, in this difficult time of corona virus who dedicated her life for humanity.

“This world is in dire need of good people like Abdul Sattar Edhi,” Samina Pirzada said in a message on social networking site Twitter.