A woman, 2 men detained in Maira murder case

LAHORE: Lahore police have detained three person including friend of the victim a girl in Maira murder case.

Police said that three persons including a friend of the victim are in custody for investigation of the murder case of British girl Maira. The friend was also present at the time of the murder.

Police said that two persons have also been arrested after the statement of the friend of the slain Maira and the investigation is underway at Defense B police station.

Local police said that a case has been registered against four persons including two nominated accused, Zahir Jadoon and Saad, who were granted interim bail in the case, have not been interrogated.

Maira had told police that her life was in danger from both of them.

Police said there could be third person killer besides them.

Yesterday, Maira’s father Zulfiqar Ali said in his statement that Maira was killed by being called from London by deception.

Maira’s body was found on May 3 at her residence in Defense area of ​​Lahore.