254 killings in Karachi during 6 months

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254 killings took place in Karachi during 6 months

KARACHI Jul 29,2021- As many as 254 killings took place in during six months, mostly of them were on personal enmity, as compared to 2020, when 508 people were killed in capital city.

The chief Minister was informed about the law and order situation at a meeting on Thursday. 

28 abduction cases

The meeting was told that as of July 15, 2021, there were a total of 28 abduction cases, of which only 12 were documented. While 36 suspects involved in the abduction were arrested and three were killed.


The meeting was told that in 2021 there were 74 extortion cases; of them 62 were detected and arrested,

Four extortionists were killed and 94 were arrested. According to police 12 organized extortion cases involved five organized gangs.

Street crime:

In 2021 there have been 2039 cases, mostly of them were of mobile snatching.

Chief Minister Sindh said according to this figure, there are 67.6 cases per day in the city, he directed action in markets where parts of stolen mobile phone are being sold.

Vehicle lifting

Every month 129.7 four-wheel vehicles are lifted while, 335.2 two- wheelers theft is reported every month in 2021.

189 encounters with street criminals

Chief Minister Sindh was informed that 189 encounters with street criminals took place in which 25 street criminals were killed while 607 were arrested.

In all 982 street criminals were arrested and 3735 weapons were recovered from them.

Chief Minister Sindh instructed the IG Sindh Police that he wanted street crime be controlled in any case, and the police will have to take drastic measures.

Illegal immigrants 

The meeting was held to review the law and order situation.

Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah said that Karachi is suffering from problems like crime, water shortage, load shedding and unemployment due to the growing population.

He urged that the federal government should address the issue of illegal immigrants; Chief Minister Sindh

Sindh CM reminded that Pakistan is not signatory to the UN Convention of Refugees.

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