100 years of excavation of Mohen Jo Daro


100 years of excavation of Mohen Jo Daro

Mumtaz Bukhari

What the world calls “Mohen Jo Daro” is counted among the ancient monuments of the world. It is actually the identity of Sindh. If in 2022, the premier identity of the civilization of Sindh is sung, the reason behind it is the excavation of these mounds called Mohan Jo Daro or Moen Jo Daro or Moheen Jo Daro in 1922.

Until 1922, in the history, Sindh was mentioned as a common region, but these excavations identified Sindh as one of the oldest civilisation of the world but also gave new directions to its history. Regarding the Indus civilisation, it has definitely come to light so far that it was around 7000 BC. This concept came to light with the excavation of Harappa. Further, Mehrgarh marked confirmation stamp on it. It has been proven that it was the more refined city in 2500 BC, than which is called today’s Metropolitan city.

Though, the cultural heritage of Sindh has been listed in the world heritage, but the research conducted on it is not of the international level as it has been conducted about the Maya civilization or the Sumerian, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations. About this place of the Indus Valley – Mohen Jo Daro, only one thing is being said that it is one of the oldest cities.  Some details have come out about the objects found from there. Living conditions are estimated. No doubt, during the twenty-first century, books and research papers of different researchers of the world have been published on Indus society. Conferences have also been held in Sindh and other parts of the world including on the site of mound some years back.

Despite all this, it can be easily said that the facts about this whole city of Mohen Jo Daro have not come out even up to thirty percent. It is said that more ancient levels are buried under its present level. The number of which is said around seven. It means, there are still many secrets of human life still buried under these remains. If only the remains are unearthed, their importance in the field of archaeology will be very high, but the actual question is to find the earliest point of history and civilisation so that secret of human life will be revealed.

Despite the passage of one hundred years, the issue of the script has not been decipher, although some developments have been coming forward, but nothing is confirmed. The truth of history can be revealed only through script. The information about this city’s trade and contacts and relations with other regions can also be revealed when the inscription are decoded.  If the experts succeed in deciphering inscription, not only the history of Sindh but also the history of the world can come to light.

It has become very important to carry out excavation process with a new series of Moheen mound to bring out the whole situation of the city. This is not the work of only one government or province, but it needs global participation. UNESCO declared Mohen Jo Daro as a world heritage site during the twentieth century, but it has not been taken as seriously as this site’s importance. Much progress can be achieved in this regard, for sure. However a lot of money will be required for these works and the use of modern technology with experts from around the world is. Technology can bring this city to the fore in a new way. We guess, this city had also technology of those times. The Sindh and federal governments should also demand the reports of the Archaeological Survey of India, which were conducted by the local as well as British experts on the Indus Valley’s civilization during the colonial period.

These reports are of a very important nature and they can be obtained through UNESCO or the British government, as the government of that time might have kept a couple of sets for their records.

Another other important point is that the Indus civilization has been associated with Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese and Mayan civilizations. Along with the scientific reports about the history of seas and rivers and their preservation, surveying the site of Mohen Jo Daro mound with the help of botanists and zoologists, such new aspects can come to light that would amaze the people today.

It is also possible that the concept of the cycle theory will come to the fore, the theory like “the world started at some point” will be opened. And it is possible to get success in finding out that the magic stories that have reached us, whether are facts or science of this era, because in this era, the issue of many talismanic stories have become reality in today’s world.

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There are not so many questions regarding other civilizations of the world because there are no secrets about them and not much is hidden in the foundations, but this mound is such that there are other layers in which human history is still hidden. The celebration of 100 years since the finding of the Indus civilization has its own meaning and great importance, but opening these secrets is the most important.

One more important thing is that many objects from the relics of Mohen Jo Daro’s Indus civilization are held in the museums of India, some are also in Lahore or some other places of the country. They are also placed in foreign countries and some of them are also stolen. Their recovery and return should be made possible. These relics should be brought back to Sindh and placed in the museum next to these artifacts at the site which will make it world-class museum. (Photo courtesy Wikicommon)

Translated by Shenilla Fayaz

The author is researcher and journalist

Mumtaz Bukhari
Mumtaz Bukhari Autor