Where are fed govt’s projects in Karachi? Saeed Ghani responds to Fawad

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Where are fed govt’s projects in Karachi? Saeed Ghani responds to Fawad

KARACHI Sep 30,2021- Sindh Information and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani has asked Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry to state which development schemes he was claiming to spend Rs 1100 billion on Karachi. The people are being misled by declaring the projects of Sindh government worth more than Rs 458 billion as federal projects.

He made these remarks during a press conference held at his camp office on the occasion of joining of workers of various political parties in the PPP.

Sindh information minister said, the development work done by the PPP government in Karachi in the last 6 to 7 years is unprecedented. Most of the PTI projects are limited to announcements and papers only. There are no projects on the ground.

Saeed Ghani said that the arrival of the Prime Minister in Karachi and not allowing the Chief Minister of Sindh to address the inauguration ceremony of the KCR project seems to me to be a plan. At the moment, the people who are joining the PTI are the ones who are losing the elections at the hands of the PPP, while the people of many political parties, including the PTI and the MQM, are present outside the door of the PPP.

Dozens of activists join PPP

Former Vice Chairman Sindh National Front Sai Bakhsh Banglani, MQM (Pakistan) sector member Anjum Saleem, PML-F District West president and former Chairman Arshad Warsi, Malir. MQM UC Chairman Zahid, sector member Adnan Hussain Khan, Former Councilor Syed Johar Ali Rizvi, PSP unit Incharge Malir Aftab Ali, including hundreds of workers from various political parties from District Malir, Korangi, East and West Announced joining the PPP.

On this occasion, Saeed Ghani said that thousands of workers and officials of different political parties are continuing to join PPP in Sindh including Karachi. He said that we not only welcome all those who come and assure them that PPP is accepting them wholeheartedly.

PPP Sindh General Secretary and Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh Waqar Mehdi, General Secretary Karachi Division Javed Naguri, Amanullah Mehsud, Liaquat Askani and Asif Khan were also present on the occasion.

Responds Fed Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry

Responding the Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry who yesterday at a function said that Sindh government has not spent a single rupee on Karachi and federal government is spending Rs 1100 billion on Sindh and especially Karachi, Saeed Ghani said that in order to increase his knowledge, I would like to point out that Sindh has one Provincial Annual Development Scheme and one District Annual Development Scheme, on which Rs. 56.5 billion has been allocated for Karachi in the provincial ADP alone this year. While other development schemes in Karachi under various donor agencies and public-private partnerships cost Rs 219 billion, while foreign projects cost Rs 181.5 billion, thus this year Rs 401 billion public-private mode. And with the help of foreign agencies, while the provincial government’s own ADP of Rs. 58.5 billion adds up.

He said that the incompetent and incompetent government of PTI, which used the slogan of Rs. 1100 billion only to mislead the people, has not spent a single rupee on Karachi so far and the announcements made till date are only on paper, the ground realities are the opposite.

Land question

Responding to questions from journalists on the occasion, Saeed Ghani said that under the constitution and law, the land belongs to the provincial government and it provides it to various institutions according to their needs and if they do anything against this need the government can also take back that land. He said that the Sindh government has a clear position that the federal government wants to do development work in Sindh but it should be done in accordance with the wishes and intentions of the people. Replying to a question, he said that both the posts of Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Sindh are constitutional so the federation and the provinces must meet.

KCR function

To a question about Chief Minister Sindh did not address the KCR function, he said that not allowing him to address the meeting on the pretext of lack of time was part of his plan. Replying to a question, Saeed Ghani said that work on Yellow and Red Line was underway and one of them would be completed this year. He said that we are in favor of ground breaking by completing the project in practice, we are not in favor of ground breaking without feasibility of projects like the federation.

School desk issue

Asked about the report on the school desk issue, he said, “I am not the education minister at the moment. It is his right to decide. I tell him that the quality required for the desk in the tender and the wooden desk can be given to me for Rs. 20,000, so I am ready to buy several hundred desks from myself and give them to the schools and for that I am ready to be punished if there is any element of corruption in it.

Water Crisis

Asked about the water crisis in the province, he said that the PPP was protesting all over Sindh against the atrocities committed by the federation and IRSA against Sindh and in this regard, on Sunday, October 3, at 2.00 pm, the People’s Secretariat a protest rally will be held from Parking Plaza to Saddar.