Two killed seven injured during polling in AJK

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Two killed seven injured during polling in AJK

Kotli, AJK – Jul 25,2021- Two people were and seven others injured in clashes between political parties during polling timing in AJK general election on Sunday.

Polling is going on at all polling stations, which will  continue till

The police said that the two other people who were injured are being treated at a hospital. While seven people were injured in different areas.

During the voting in Azad Kashmir’s Bagh District, the constituency has again clashed at the polling station of the LA-15 Central Bagh Sylhet, after which the polling has been suspended again.

Aerial firing was carried out in Hadi Ghal during the clash, while seven people were injured in different areas.

According to Magistrate Sector 3, workers clashed again after 7 votes have been cast.

Deputy Commissioner Bagh, RO, Army and Rangers, arrived in Hari Gahal after a clash between political activists in Bagh.

PPP demands re-poll in two places

The senior leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party and the head of the Central Election Cell, Taj Haider, wrote a letter to the Secretary Election Commission demanding the resumption of polling in polling stations 29 and 30 of constituency -29 of AJK assembly.

Taj Haider wrote in the letter that only 1 of 2 polling booths are active at polling station No. 108 of Legislative Assembly (LA) LA-29.

In the letter, Taj Haider also wrote that PP voters were tortured and prevented from voting at polling station No. 98 in LA16.

Earlier, a PPP spokesman had said that PTI workers were sealing ballot papers at the polling station of Mandhol Bazaar.

According to a spokesman of the PPP, PPP leader Senator Taj Haider had submitted a written complaint to the Election Commission about the incident.

AJK has a total of 32,50,117 registered voters, including 17,8,800 male and 14,68,317 female.

There are 33 electoral constituencies in the ten districts of AJK. While 12 constituencies are reserved for Pakistan-based Jammu & Kashmir refugees.

Over 2.8 million voters have been registered in 33 AJK constituencies and 0.4 million in 12 Jammu Kashmir refugees based in various parts of Pakistan.

A all 691 candidates, including 381 belonging to a total of 32 registered political parties and a total of 310 independent candidates, are in the run to win the election for 45 seats.