Two arrested for running negative campaign against the institution


Two arrested for running negative campaign against the institution

Two persons each from Karachi and Lahore arrested for running on social media negative campaign against the institutions.

FIA Cyber ​​Crime has arrested a suspect from Karachi allegedly involved in running a negative campaign on social media against national security institutions and personalities.

A mobile phone and two SIMs have also been recovered from the possession of the accused Junaid Ali. The accused is a resident of District West of Karachi.

The accused made a post on the Facebook account against the institution and its head on the Balochistan helicopter crash.

In his post, the accused also blamed a country for the incident and he also criticized the role of the media in the incident.

The mobile phone SIM used for the post is in the name of the accused’s mother.

The accused has been arrested from his house along with the mobile phone used for the social media post.

Doctor arrested from Lahore

Dr. Saud a doctor of Children Hospital Lahore has been arrested by Federal Investigation Agency FIA, for criticizing institutions on social media.

The doctor arrested under the Cybercrime Act was produced in the court by the FIA.

Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Murtaza conducted a hearing on the physical remand of the accused.

The court approved the one-day physical remand of the accused doctor.

FIA officials say that the accused used to run false trends on social media against sensitive institutions.