Tea for Harmony – Yaji Cultural Salon launched in Pakistan

Tea for harmony

Tea for Harmony – Yaji Cultural Salon launched in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Apr 29, 2023 – In order to give tea a greater role to play in enhancing friendly dialogue and mutual learning between civilizations, the worldwide event “Tea for Harmony: Yaji Cultural Salon” will be held on and around May 21, 2023, the International Tea Day, by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China.

The event will be organised in cooperation with international organizations and Chinese embassies, consulates and missions abroad, and by means of overseas China Cultural Centers and China National Tourist Offices.

For the upcoming International Tea Day as well as our upcoming Tea Yaji event, China Cultural Center in Pakistan is happy to announce the release of our brand-new Chinese tea video series, Tea and Harmony – Yaji Cultural Salon.

These series of online activities include video and photography exhibitions such as “The Tea Road”, “Chinese tea culture”, “Tea story of Fujian”, “Tea culture of Hubei”, “Tea Culture of Yunnan”, “Tea • Pot” Jiangsu Tea Culture and Yixing Zisha Exhibition”, “Technique of making Pu’er Tea”, “Enshi Yulu Green Tea of Hubei”, “Charm of Water, Charm of Jiangsu-Virtual Workshop Series – Explore the Timeless Ritual of Tea Ceremony From Jiangsu”, Grand documentary series on Chinese Tea and World and much more.

The centuries-old tea culture has attracted new interest worldwide with the addition of “the traditional tea processing techniques and associated social practices in China” to the Representative List of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Since it was first consumed in China, tea serves as a bridge between China and the rest of the world as well as a symbol of the Chinese belief in the harmony between man and nature.

Tea has also played a significant role in connecting China to the rest of the world, serving as a bridge between cultures and a medium for sharing traditions and customs. Tea is more than just a beverage; it is also a symbol of the harmonious relationship between humans and nature that the Chinese have cherished for thousands of years.

This event not only aims to promote and spread China’s bountiful tea culture in Pakistan and to the rest of the world, but will also help in implementing the rural revitalization strategy to upgrade the Chinese tea industry in thousands of counties, townships and villages.