Startling revelations: ‘Three people killed were not dacoits’

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Startling revelations: 'Three people killed were not dacoits' - Qasba Colony

A man was killed after terming him dacoit. A police probe into the killing of three people in two days in the Qasba Colony area of ​​Karachi has uncovered several revelations.

According to police officials, the man who was termed as a dacoit by citizens the night before, was not a criminal.

Police sources said the two men who were tortured and injured were also not criminals.

According to the preliminary investigation, the victims of the violence first had a quarrel and then violence.

A case of the incident has been registered against the angry mob at the behest of the government.

After the funeral of the man who was termed as a dacoit, a few people went to the spot, they rioted and chanted slogans.

Two people were killed and one was injured when armed men opened fire on protesters.

Police officials further said that after a thorough investigation, a comprehensive report will be submitted to the Karachi Police Chief by tomorrow.