Society without rule of law cannot survive : PM Khan

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SARGODHA: Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday said a society could not survive without rule of law and when the powerful and corrupt elite were not held accountable for their misdeeds.

Talking to the media after laying the foundation stone of low-cost housing units under Naya Pakistan Housing Programme here, the prime minister linked prosperity and progress of a country and nation to rule of law and its application to all.

To another question, Imran Khan said the sugar price had been increased by Rs 26 in one year and the mill owners extracted Rs 126 to Rs140 billion from the pockets of people. “The government’s job is to protect its people,” he added.

The government conducted an inquiry through the Federal Investigation Agency, which submitted a startling report showing how the mill owners and powerful people had minted money by increasing price and tax evasion etc, he added.

The prime minister reiterated that there could be no two different sets of laws for the powerful and the poor as the destruction in a society had always been caused by the powerful elite.

The government could provide subsidy on housing with the cooperation of banks, he said, adding in the past, the banks were reluctant to extend loaning facilities due to foreclosure laws.

The government was providing Rs 300,000 subsidy on each housing unit, besides it had brought down the interests rates with the cooperation of banks, enabling the aspirants to pay minimum monthly installments, he observed.