Sindh to issue Azadi card to senior citizens, Cabinet decides

KARACHI: Sindh government will issue Azadi card to senior citizens, that card will be issued for three years. The age of senior citizens is set at 60 years or more. Under the rules, senior citizen welfare committees will be set up at the district level. For this purpose rules of Social Welfare Senior Citizen Welfare have been approved.

This was decided at Sindh cabinet meeting held here on Tuesday, presided over by the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, told spokesperson Abdul Rasheed.

Commercial use of private car

Use of private cars for commercial transport services were allowed, but the private cars will have to pay 25% more per registration.

The Sindh Chief Minister directed the Transport Department to first consult with the Excise and Taxation Department.

Dog Population and Mass Vaccination

The Local Government Department presented the Sindh Council (Control of Dog Population and Mass Vaccination) Act 2021 in the Cabinet.

These rules will be for domestic and stray dogs. The proposed rules will be announced by the local council, the Sindh cabinet said.

Major Drains of Karachi

The Sindh Cabinet approved the cleaning of all drains of KMC and DMCs Karachi and decided that the Sindh government spends Rs 500 million every year on cleaning MC major drains. This year, the Sindh Chief Minister has approved Rs. 500 million for cleaning the drains.

Sindh Cabinet constituted overseeing committee comprising KMC Municipal Commissioner and MD Sindh Solid Waste Management Authority. The committee will oversee the cleaning of 41 drains and report to the government.

Provincial Minister and Secretary Local Governments will monitor the cleaning of drains themselves, Sindh Chief Minister directed.

The Sindh Chief Minister directed immediate release of Rs 250 million

Forest Land

The Sindh Cabinet had abolished agro-forestry policy in January 2019.

Former Forest Land leaseholders are not vacating, therefore, the encroachment operation has been intensified. The cabinet was informed that so far 39275 acres of land have been vacated.

Two lakh acres are yet to be vacated for which an operation is underway.

The Cabinet approved amendments to Sections 26 and 63 of the Forest Act; it is now proposed to increase the penalties and fines for forest land grabbers. In case of occupation of forest land, 14 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1.5 lakh per acre is proposed. The cabinet has set up a committee. The committee includes Minister of Forest, Minister of Irrigation, Minister of Excise and Law Adviser.

Advertisement Policy

Sindh cabinet approved a policy of government advertisements. The government ads will only be given to eligible media outlets,

Rules of Prohibition of Corporal Punishment

The cabinet also approved Rules of Sindh Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Act 2016.

Under these rules child protection committees will be set up in all educational institutions.

The committee will be comprising the head of the institution, members of the management and parents’ representatives.

The committee will review the punishment complaints and send the case to the police.

Department of School Education to set up Sindh Child Protection Authority

1121 helpline. Online complaints against child abuse in educational institutions can also be lodged.

The committee will reconsider the amendment to the law and present it at the next cabinet meeting.

Cabinet approved merger of private land to Continental Biscuits Ltd for industrial purpose.