SHC orders NAB to probe public fraud in name of investment

Sindh high court

SHC orders NAB to probe public fraud in name of investment

KARACHI Aug 27,2021- Sindh High Court on Friday, has directed the NAB to probe billions of rupees fraud case against a company, which collected the money from public for the sake of giving attractive returns in the name of investment.

Justice Muhammad Iqbal Kalhoro heard the petition against Memon International Management Private Limited.

Justice Kalhoro remarked that the issue of profit snare is very serious, and a high level probe is required against accused, he directed NAB to probe the fraud case,

The matter should be inquired into and submitted within three months, Sindh High Court ordered.

The affectees said the accused Nahal Khan Baldi owner of Memon International Management and others fraud deprived them of huge money in the name of Invest,

They said, that they invested in the name of building a house and taking a car.

Memon company escaped with their deposits, the affecttees said that they contacted police and gave application to police, FIA and NAB. They were told by NAB that it was a case of FIA.