Ruling parties reject the SC order to stop the implementation judicial reforms

PDM leadership

Supreme Court Practice & Procedure Bill becomes law

ISLAMABAD, Apr 13,2023- The ruling parties rejected the order to stop the implementation of the judicial reforms – Supreme Court Procedure and Practice Bill 2023 until further notice.

The ruling parties gave a strong reaction to the decision of the 8-member bench of the Supreme Court and said that the law has not been made yet and has not been implemented.

The joint statement said that this work was done on the basis of a mere guess and concept, it is not only against the prevailing legal procedure but also against logic, it is an open and most serious example of conflict of interest, it is against justice and fairness and the credibility of the Supreme Court is being killed.

SC stays implementation of the Supreme Court Practice & Procedure Act

This is not a decision but a sign of “one man show”, it will have a place as a black chapter in judicial history. The joint statement further said, this move is against the constitution and the authority of parliament, it is an attack on the Federation of Pakistan and the most senior judges of the Supreme Court. There is also distrust.

The ruling parties disapproving of this judicial injustice will strongly resist it, statement added that the reservations of the Pakistan Bar Council and the Provincial Bar Councils were also proved correct.

In the joint statement, it was said that we hope that the lawyers’ community of Pakistan will take notice of the serious mockery of the constitution, law and justice.

The ruling parties will prepare a strategy to bring justice in the justice system, they will formulate a plan of action for the future in consultation so that the country and the nation can be freed from the crisis. The ruling coalition partners  promised to protect and defend the representative parliament of the people and its constitutional authority.