PTI student wing leader Muneeb Kiyani admits, apologises, for running smear campaign against Army

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PTI student wing leader Muneeb Kiyani admits, apologises, for running smear campaign against Army

KARACHI, Aug 6,2022- (TV Report) PTI student wing leader Muhammad Muneeb Kiyani has admitted in his video confessional statement that he is ashamed and sorry for negative campaigning against the army on social media. 

Muhammad Muneeb Kiyani has been campaigning against army men on social media. military’s media wing ISPR said that the negative campaign on social media has hurt the families of the martyrs and there is deep anger in the forces.

“None of the tweets that I generated by taking information from various pages were true and I did not verify them at all, I made a huge mistake, which was influenced by some people.

The accused’s father Farhat Naeem Kiyani said that his son made a mistake, this will not happen in the future.

In his confession statement, the accused said, “ I have been the Senior Deputy Convener of PTI (ISF) Insaf Union Federation for two years and yesterday I made two tweets in which one was generated by me and the other was copied and pasted in exactly the same way. It was copied and pasted in its entirety.”

PTI student wing leader Muneeb Kiyani further said, “I am ashamed and sorry, I made a big mistake and this mistake was due to the influence of some people and was inspired by some people. He said that he got information from the pages of “Soldier Speak”, Uzma Khan PTI, Sabina Kiyani patch and Imran Riaz Khan, from which he said he took all this information and generated the tweet and that was my big mistake, none of it was true and it was not confirmed at all.

Accused Muneeb Kiyani’s father said in his confessional statement, “I am Farhat Naeem Kiyani. My son posted a tweet yesterday which was objectionable and I couldn’t check it in time for which I take responsibility… and today I testify that this will not happen in future and we will stay away from this thing and I will monitor all the activities of my son.”

He said, “We are patriotic people and Pakistan Army like I said before that his blood is in our veins and we respect it with heart and soul and will continue to do so Inshallah. Therefore, I own this mistake that has happened to my son and I will tell my son for the future that he should never do such a mistake and I myself am responsible for this thing and I am confessing this thing that in the future he will not commit this kind of mistake, I take responsibility for it, Long live Pak Army.”

ISPR condemns smear campaign

Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Babar Iftikhar said: “We have been distressed since the accident on August 1. The propaganda has caused immense pain, particularly to the families of the martyrs.”

Emphasising that this should not happen, General Babar said that elements spreading negative propaganda and rumours should be rejected.

“Insensitive behaviour is unacceptable and should be condemned on every platform,” he asserted, adding that the Pakistan Army is grateful for the nation which stands by them and the martyrs.