Power crisis intensifies across Pakistan, hours long power outages

Power crisis intensifies across Pakistan, hours long power outages

The power crisis in the country has intensified as total shortfall has exceeded 7,000 to 8,000 MW, while unannounced load shedding has reached its peak in all the provinces. Power outages are more prevalent in densely populated areas.

Due to mudslide in Tarbela Dam, power generation has been stopped and machinery is also likely to be damaged. Officials reported more than 4,000 MW of power generation from Tarbela.

Officials say it will take time to generate electricity from Tarbela.

With the heat, unannounced power outages are taking place in various cities of the country.

Situation is worst in areas of Hyderabad and Sukkur based distribution companies -Hesco and Sepco.

The demand for electricity in Lahore based distribution network LESCO has exceeded 5,000 MW while the power supply is close to 4,000 MW, the shortfall has exceeded 1,000 MW.

The power crisis in the country has intensified, the power has been suspended for several hours in the cities, the rural areas and small towns of Sindh are worst affected. The people have been in a bad condition due to prolonged power outages in hot weather.

Prolonged load shedding is reported in different cities including Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. The duration of power outage in the suburbs of Peshawar has reached 18 hours.

The total shortfall of electricity is at 7,000 to 8,000 MW.

The Ministry of Energy says that Tarbela Tunnel- III has become operational, power generation is increasing, shortfall 593 MW record Has been

The situation in Karachi has not changed. Quetta is also in the grip of extreme heat these days. In such a situation, the problem of power load shedding has also arisen in the city. There is also a problem of load shedding of eight to 12 hours in different parts of the city.

The weather is very hot in Sukkur city of Sindh where the duration of load shedding has been extended by SEPCO while water supply is also suspended due to lack of electricity in the city.

Due to extreme heat in many major cities, the duration of unannounced load shedding in urban and suburban areas has reached 12 hours. Prolonged power outages are severely affecting daily life.

Drinking water has also been cut off due to power outages, which has doubled the hardships of the citizens.