PM Imran Khan summons Federal Cabinet meeting on Sep 21

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Imran Khan’s U-Turn on appointment of Chief Election Commissioner

ISLAMABAD Sep 19,2021- Prime Minister Imran Khan has convened a meeting of the Federal Cabinet on September 21. The meeting will be briefed on the political situation in the country, cancellation of New Zealand’s cricket team visit to Pakistan and granting voting rights to overseas Pakistanis through EVM.

The 20-point agenda will be considered in the meeting of the Federal Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Amendment of the Rules of Business 1973 of the Ministry of Communications is also part of the agenda. 

The cabinet meeting includes appointment of chairman of Trading Corporation of Pakistan, audit of NADRA for financial year 2021, inclusion of Uzbekistan in business visa list, import of films from countries in the region and approval of Jammu and Kashmir state property budget.

The issue of opening an alternative dispute resolution center in Islamabad will also be considered in the cabinet meeting.  

The Cabinet will also approve proposals for the appointment of DRAP CEO and census.

The appointment of members of the Railway Board and ratification of the decisions of the Cabinet Committee on Privatization and the ECC are also on the agenda of the cabinet meeting.