Photos of suspect for attacking GHQ Rawalpindi  issued

GHQ Rawalpindi

Photos of suspect for attacking GHQ Rawalpindi issued

ISLAMABAD, May 14,2023- Photographs of those who attacked GHQ on May 9 in Rawalpindi have been released.

Police have identified 14 persons including 4 women and released their photographs.

According to sources, 9 people belong to Rawalpindi, 3 to Islamabad, 1 to Karachi and 1 to Chakwal.

The process of identification of more than 300 people involved in violent protests has been completed.

Sources say that the process of arresting those who damage government and defense property has been accelerated.

After the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, government properties, army posts and installations were targeted by the protesters. (Monitoring Desk)