Pakistan to import sugar and cotton from India

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Hammad Azhar addressing a press conference after meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee

Islamabad: (ECC) allows private sector to import 0.5 mil M.T of sugar from India

The Finance Minister said, “Prices of sugar are rising across the world, Pakistan has decided to import 500,000 tonnes of white sugar from India to meet the shortage in the country and provide price stability”.

Hammad Azhar further said, Pakistan is importing cotton from all over the world except India. This is hurting small industries so we have decided that the country will open cotton imports from India by June this year.

In a media briefing on Wednesday after a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee, Finance Minister Hammad Azhar said the price of diesel has been reduced by Rs 3 per liter while kerosene has been reduced by Rs 55 per liter.

The price of Petrol has been reduced by Rs 1.55 per liter and light diesel oil has been reduced by Rs 1.56 per litre for the next 15 days said the announcement.

The new price of petrol has been fixed at Rs 110.35 per liter, diesel at Rs 113.8 per liter, light diesel at Rs 79.86 per liter and kerosene at Rs 82.06 per liter said the Finance Minister.