February 28, 2024

Niece arrested for committing robbery at uncle’s house


Niece arrested for committing robbery at uncle's house

Police arrested the niece who committed a robbery for uncle’s house with the help of her friends in the limits of Ajmer Nagri police station in Karachi.

The robbers took away cash, valuables and mobile phones from the house of a man named Mateen.

The victim registered a case in Ajmer Nagri police station and the police started investigation.

The parents were already suspicious of daughter Ayesha’s movements.

When the police investigated, it was found that Ayesha had committed a robbery at her uncle’s house with the help of her friend Zeeshan.

Ajmer police arrested the person who committed the crime using the sources and recovered the stolen two smartphones and traced the real culprits.

The arrested accused Zeeshan confessed to the incident and told about Ayesha’s involvement, on which the complainnant’s niece Ayesha alias Eshu has been arrested.

One of the accused’s accomplices is in jail after being injured in the police encounter.