February 21, 2024

NEPRA report reveals: Electricity companies found billing over 30 days, sending average bills

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Taxes on electricity bills major source of income for government

ISLAMABAD, Dec 4,2023: The National Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has concluded its inquiry into alleged over-billing practices by electricity distribution companies, marking a significant turning point in the power sector.

In a decisive move, NEPRA has announced its intention to pursue legal action against all distribution companies, with particular attention given to K Electric.

The NEPRA statement revealed that the investigation uncovered instances of electricity distribution companies issuing average bills and extending billing cycles beyond 30 days. In response to these findings, NEPRA has mandated the immediate replacement of faulty meters and the rectification of incorrect bills. Distribution companies are under strict orders to replace faulty meters within a 30-day timeframe.

The regulatory body has made it clear that failure to implement these corrective measures within the stipulated time will result in severe consequences for the implicated companies. Notably, K Electric has received a notice for its alleged non-compliance with meter replacement policies.

NEPRA’s commitment to accountability is underscored by its decision to seek an explanation from K Electric on the identified issues. As this legal action unfolds, consumers and industry stakeholders will be closely watching for potential reforms in the electricity distribution sector. NEPRA’s proactive stance aims to restore transparency and fairness in the industry, sending a strong message to all players to adhere to regulatory standards.