Nagarparkar Mineral Developers urge to stop harassing local leases holders

MITHI: Chamber of Mine & Mineral Developers Nagarparkar (CHAMN) has urged the Sindh Chief Minister and other authorities to take the notice of false cases, harassing local leases holders and depriving them from their rights.

Speaking at a press conference at Press Club Mithi, a delegation of mineral developers led by Haji Wali Muhammad Rahimoo, Ghulam Muhammad, Allah Jurio Bhatti and  Iqbal Memon, said it was is a planned game to marginalize the local small investors and pave path for tycoons to occupy the resources of Nangarparkar because the recently identified presence of resources; gold, iron, bentonite, fire clay and other minerals are valuable and attractive for big investors so, they are playing tactics and using Wild Life Department to occupy the area, what we think of.

Referring to last week’s development, they said on April 16, 2021 cases were lodged against a few selected persons/lease holders by Wild Life Department under the Sindh Wild Life Protection, Preservation, Conservation and Management Act.

They said the accused list included four deceased persons.

The mineral developers alleged that Wild Life Department personnel used different tactics to harass, demanded bribery, malign reputation of local and small investors who are peaceful citizens and never committed any crime or violation of law in past.

In later development, realizing the mistake the Wild Life Department suspended three staff members who lodged false case but not dismissing the case against innocent respondents.

The CHAMN leaders pointed out that Wild Life Department has not demarcated the game sanctuary area properly and not initiated mass awareness about law and reason behind this is keeping the people in darkness and get illegal and unlawful benefits/bribery, what CHAMN feels.

CHAMN body condemns the act of Wild Life Department because this results in unemployment of mine and associated workers in area which is already drought prone and poverty hit area.

There are about 20,000 workers employed/involved in the business of China clay mining and associated work and that is source of their survival in drought prone area.

They demanded of Sindh Mines and Mineral Department and other concerned departments are to take the immediate actions against the injustice and provide facilities to local mine and mineral lease holders by allotting the industrial area, facilities to process the minerals at local level.