Murad censures campaign to defame, abuse Sindh

Local bodies polls might be in June, Murad  

KARACHI, (June 14, 20210): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said that a campaign has been launched to defame and abuse Sindh and Sindh government and added He said that the wrong Article of the constitution is being quoted to pressurize Sindh. And added, “You can’t crush the provinces the way you think, this is the constitution given by Bhutto.”

Addressing press conference here on Monday, Sindh Chief Minister said, “I am the head of Sindh, I will not talk about Sindh province, it will be an abuse, why do they get angry when I talk about Sindh,” Murad Ali Shah added, “Why do they defame not only me but the whole of Sindh?”

Sindh Chief Minister said that the provincial budget depends on federal funds, as most of the taxes are collected by the federation.

Murad asked, “Just tell me that if the economy is improving then why the taxes have decreased instead of increasing. I present the fact that they feel bad. So far in eleven months we have received Rs 598, If you were on the original target, Sindh had given Rs 144 billion in the last month.


Chief Minister said that it has been 11 years since the NFC and added that with regard to the NFC, target the Eighteenth Amendment is being targeted.

For the new NFC, we propose to pay sales tax on goods to the provinces. Sindh was ignored in the federal budget

Sharing the revenue collection figures the chief minister said that at present the tax collection of FBR is 17% while that of Sindh Revenue Board is 21%. Sindh Revenue Board rate is better than FBR.

Sindh has been ignored in federal budget and said, “ I repeat that we [Sindh] have been mistreated” and added that Sindh has been given projects that were not needed. The budget of 9.7 billion was given last year but no expenditure was made.

It could be repeated, and said there were chances of corruption, particularly projects such as gutter covers in drains or streets’

Sindh CM said “You [federal government] asked to clean the drains and who cleaned the drains? The funds will flow into the drains.

He said there is only talk of drains, they should ask the province what our priorities are?

It will be recalled in the history that someone objected that the federal government was working on drains and gutters instead of mega projects in the provinces.

Federal government is working on Jamshoro Road for three years, and now no new major roads are being built

Chief Minister said, “This is our constitutional right. Only this year we have paid you Rs 742 billion. Around 70 % revenue is collect from this province, and that province is accused as thief.

Census issue

Sindh chef minister said, according to my calculations, the population of Sindh is 62 million, and after pursuing our census case in CCI, now we have demanded a joint session of parliament to consider Sindh’s objections about census. The province has been given the right to convene a joint session

Water issue

Chief Minister categorically said, “We are not telling Punjab that it is stealing water, our issue is with the federation and IRSA is that they are not distributing water judiciously.

If Sindh should have got 8.82 million acre water, but in those two months and ten days, we got 35% less water.

If there is a shortage of water that should be shared equally among all the provinces as per the agreement, when they don’t work they blame someone. The federation and Irsa are responsible

He said Sindh took up its case in CCI, where this matter is pending since three years. We demand that the water agreement should be implemented, this is not a political issue.

Murad Ali Shah said another important issue is economic torture, Sindh is being economically killed.

Something was said about Sindh Police, and added please don’t let anyone down. Karachi used to be the most dangerous city. This city has improved with the efforts and sacrifices of Sindh Police. “You are insulting the sacrifices of the martyrs”

When the Chinese consulate was attacked or Karachi Stock Exchange was attacked, policemen sacrificed their lives. A province where one could not walk without convoys, police established peace with the help of Rangers.


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