MQM, GDA tried to approve census results: Murtaza Wahab

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Decisions challenged in the courts, hinders development process: Murtaza Wahab

KARACHI: Advisor to CM Sindh on Environment and spokesman of the Sindh government Barrister Syed Murtaza Wahab has said china cutting was made on the islands of Sindh.

Talking to reporter at Industrial area (F.B Area) Syed Murtaza Wahab said the law that intended to seize the island has expired and added that Imran Khan claimed to bring change but he was just selling country’s land.

He said Imran Khan’s associates are leaving him, in fact he has lost majority in the house. He disclosed that MQM, GDA and PTI tried to approve the controversial census results at CCI meeting.

Recalling the condition of the area, he said two-and-a-half years ago, the condition of the area was very bad, and added that Sindh government gave Rs 38 crore to the association which was spent here.

There are three major hospitals in PTI leaders Khurram Sher Zaman’s constituency, but he did nothing.

He said, two treatment plants are being set up here and we are going to legislate to put up treatment plants.

Murtaza Wahab inaugurated an effluent treatment plant at Multi National Export Bureau in FBATI Industrial area.